We have and continued to contribute to our local community by representing our clients with Competence, Compassion, and Concern.© If you have been harmed or injured due to recklessness of others, you need justice and a lawyer you can work with.

Let us work together because
“When We Work Together, Stay Together, Support Each Other, We Win Together”

Why retain Emmanuel L. Muwonge & Associates, LLC

Founded as the law office of Emmanuel L. Muwonge in January 1988, the firm has progressed through phases of development, challenges and growth. The firm’s focus, mission and commitment continues to be “Competence, Compassion & Concern”® for each client we represent throughout South Eastern Wisconsin.

Consistent with the firm’s mission to assist the downtrodden, the poor, marginalized and those most afflicted with the injustices of the world, the firm is committed to getting Justice for each client, regardless of size of the case. Over the years, we have successfully handled both small and big cases against Wisconsin’s brightest and biggest law firms. We are proud for the honor to represent the community on a wide range of Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases both in and outside the immediate community.

At the Milwaukee Accident and Personal Injury Law Firm of Emmanuel L. Muwonge & Associates, LLC., each and every client is treated with respect, dignity and kindness. Each case is important regardless of size or value and each is handled with Competence, Compassion & Concern © for each client because, All Clients Matter ! Getting justice for each client and getting each client paid the most settlement amount possible, is Emmanuel L. Muwonge & Associates, LLC., primary objective when representing injured clients. Our clients incur no charge until they either win in court or secure an out of court settlement. No Win, No Bill, No Win, No Fees!

If getting Justice because you have been wronged is your prayer, if you have been injured due to the negligence of another or recklessness of others and seeking fair and just compensation for your Injuries, Pain, Suffering, Disability, Lost Wages, Loss of Earning Capacity, Loss of Consortium or Loss of Companionship of a Spouse, Emmanuel L. Muwonge & Associates, LLC is your lawyer.

When negligence of others causes you or a loved one serious bodily injuries, harm, physical and psychological trauma and symptoms causing discomfort, pain, agony, distress, suffering, disability other losses and damages, you are entitled to fair reasonable compensation. The wrongdoer and their insurance company owe you money that is fair and reasonable compensation. Getting you paid and collecting cash money for and on your behalf, is our primary duty and responsibility towards each client we represent.

When Injured, you need representation that will work with you and for you. Because you have suffered and been wronged, you are owed Justice. The wrongs committed against you must be righted. Righting wrongs and restoring you to the person you were before you were wronged, requires a lawyer that appreciates, understands and cares about you as a person and what you have been and are going through. The Personal injury attorney must relate to the injured client.

Let Us Work Together Because, When We Work Together, Stay Together, Support Each Other, We Win Together. With Competence, Compassion and Concern©, We Will Win For You and Together, We Will Get You The Justice You Are Entitled To.

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