Wrong Medication Dispensed By Pharmacist To Patient

Wrong Medication Dispensed By Pharmacist To Patient

Wrong Medication Dispensed By Pharmacist To Patient causes various injuries and symptoms These injuries to the patient require that the patient have long-term care and supervision.

Pharmacists like all professionals are required to comply with a standard of care in their industry or profession. The standard of care is intended to ensure that no harm results to the general public and that those they serve are not injured in the process of the delivery of their professional services. Depending upon the nature of the medication dispensed, injuries may vary in size and scope.

Types of Wrong Medication Dispensed By Pharmacist To Patient cause different types of injuries and harm to the patient.

There are medications that can only be dispensed by pharmacist to patient after a qualified and licensed physician has prescribed them by signing a Prescription Form the following:

1. Name of Patient

2. Date of Patient’s Birth

3. Name of prescribed medication

4. Milligram strength of the medication

5. How many milligrams patient is to take

6. Frequency at which patient is to take prescribed medication per day

7. Prescribing Physician’s Name and Signature, and,

8. Physician’s DEA Identification Number and date of issuance of the prescription.Different types of medication and different milligram strength cause various types of harm and inMedicine Bottlejuries. A pharmacist may give to a patient, the correct drug but a higher milligram strength or dosage printed on the label. Also, a pharmacist may dispense someone else’s medication to the wrong patient causing that patient to suffer harm. The other type of wrong occurs when a pharmacist dispenses the right medication at the right dosage but for some reason, issues the wrong instructions regarding the frequency at which the medication is to be taken. When this happens, the patient ends up with an overload which is an overdose.


How Potent The Wrong Medication DIspensed By Pharmacist and the type wrong medication it is, makes a difference.

If for example, the mistake relates to an antibiotic as opposed to a narcotic drug like Morphin, the harm resulting will also be less in scope than it would be if it were a narcotic the pharmacist erred in respect of.


Wrong Medication Dispensed By Pharmacist To Patient

 <strong>Wrong Medication Dispensed</strong>

Wrong Medication Dispensed By Pharmacist To Patient

Dispensing Wrong Medication Can Cause Death

When the wrong medication is dispensed by a pharmacist or prescribed by a doctor or physician assistant, it can cause death. When death results from taking the wrong medication or medicine, the persons who prescribed or dispensed it to the patient are responsible for the injuries, disability, death and damages that may result. In Wisconsin, there is a statute that controls wrongful death claims and cases. http://www.muwongelaw.com/wisconsin-wrongful-death-claims/

What To Do When Dispensed Wrong Medication By Pharmacist and Sustained Injuries or Someone Died

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