Workplace Injuries Sustained

Workplace Injuries Sustained – Injured At Work or Sustained a Disability During the Course of Your Employment in Wisconsin ?  As with any accident or accidental injury, you must seek medical treatment for your injuries and also make sure that the accident and work injuries are reported to your employer or designated person in charge. The physician treating you also has to file a specific form with the State of Wisconsin. When necessary as in the case of road accidents, you must involve the Police to make sure there is adequate documentation as to the cause of the accident. If your accident during your employment is caused by someone who is not employed by your employer, make sure you get all of the details (Names, address, phone number, drivers license, insurance policy, license plate) and take photos of the vehicles, license plates, their drivers and damage to the vehicles).

Third-party Claims are filed against the Third-party offending person or entity and their insurance company. Workers Compensation Claims are filed with the State of Wisconsin, Workers Compensation Division and Workers Compensation Insurance Company for the employer.

Proceeds of a Workers Compensation Third-Party Claim are distributed differently from regular Personal Injury Claims and straight Workers Compensation Claims.

In addition to lost wages, there are a number of injuries and potential injuries an injured worker might sustain when involved with a work-related accidental injury and or disability. Those injuries include the following:

Work related injuries also include Mold-induced illness, Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer, Leukemia and other Environmental Exposure-related illnesses and symptoms.

Wisconsin Workers Compensation provides an injured worker the ability to file a Workers Compensation Claim to cover his or her Medical Expenses, Wages Lost, Disability Benefits consisting of Permanent Partial Disability, Temporary Partial Disability, and Temporary Total Disability. There are also Traumatic Injuries which are often suffered in the Workplace during the Course of Employment. These Traumatic or Disabling Injuries are often the result of Catastrophic Workplace or Work Related Accidents.

Disabling Wisconsin Workers Compensation Injuries may include such workplace debilitating injuries as Hip Fractures, Neck, Shoulder and Back Injuries and Disabilities and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).

Causes of Traumatic Injuries in the Workplace include Construction Accidents, Truck and Motorized Transport Accidents and Wrecks, Falls From Ladders, Staircase Accident Falls, Injury by Collapsing Structures, Falling Objects and freak accidents like Tire Explosions.

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