Wisconsin Dog Attacks Dog Bites

Wisconsin Dog Attacks Dog Bites
Wisconsin Dog Attacks Dog Bites are governed by Wisconsin State Statutes § 174. Under Wisconsin law § 174.02(1), a dog owner must exercise reasonable care to ensure the dog does not cause injuries to others. Any dog owner in Wisconsin is responsible for all of the injuries and damages caused by his or her dog. The State of Wisconsin provides that the owner or keeper of a dog, is strictly liable for all Wisconsin Dog Attacks & Dog Bites. https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/statutes/statutes/174/02

Who Is Responsible for Wisconsin Dog Attacks and Dog Bites?

Wisconsin dog attacks dog bites are the responsibility of dog owners and dog keepers who include temporary custodians. The following is the group of individuals in whose custody dogs are usually found:

  1. Landlords – Injuries to other tenants and frequenters of their property
  2. Home Owners – Injuries to neighbors, passersby, and visitors
  3. Business Owners – Attacks and injuries by guard dogs to customers of the business establishment
  4. Motorists & Drivers – Must be properly restrained to avoid injuries to others near the vehicle in which the dog is travelling
  5. Dog Sitters – Dog sitters and guests temporarily left at home with and by the dog owner may be liable

Wisconsin Dog Attacks Dog Bites  and the extent to which a dog owner or dog keeper may be liable for injuries caused to another depends upon the history of that dog’s behavior and how many times it has bitten others.

Liability – The owner of a dog is liable for 2 times the full amount of damages caused by the dog injuring or causing injury to a person, domestic animal or property if the owner was notified or knew that the dog previously injured or caused injury to a person, domestic animal or property. https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/statutes/statutes/174/02

What Are The Types of Wisconsin Dog Attacks & Dog Bites Injuries?

Dog attacks usually occur because the dog wants to protect its territory, trying to guard possessions, is fearful and feels trapped or feels that a family member is in trouble. Usually, the dog is acting in defense of person, property or self.  There are a number of factors why dogs behave the way they do and you should always remain mindful of the fact that the dog’s actions are the result of how it interpretes the circumstances around it. http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/dog-care/common-dog-behavior-issues/aggression

Dogs especially the very vicious ones can cause a variety of injuries and scarring. In some cases, the dog bite injuries can include permanent injuries and disabilities. The following are the types of common injuries from dog attacks and dog bites:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Lacerations
  • Contusion/abrasion/hematoma
  • Infection
  • Amputation/avulsion/crush
  • Fracture/dislocation

What Circumstances Usually Trigger Wisconsin Dog Attacks Dog Bites?

Wisconsin dog attacks dog bites are usually triggered when dog owners and dog keepers fail to pay attention to their dogs and dog propensities, the results are usually tragic for the victim and heartaches for the uncaring dog owners. Forgetting to keep the dog on the leash and or momentarily leaving such dog outside with access to passersby can be a recipe for disaster.

Wisconsin law holds landlords and harborers of dogs liable for Wisconsin Dog Attacks & Dog Bites. Liability attaches regardless of whether she/he was in immediate control of the dog at the time the attack and injury occurred. This is true even when the dog’s owner had momentarily left the home or, the dog had been unleashed and outside the home for just a quick minute at the time of the accident and injuries caused by the dog. The Dog must be attached to a leash not more than 6 feet in length, of sufficient strength to restrain the animal. The leash must be held by persons competent to govern and prevent it from annoying or injuring others. http://www.dogsbite.org/pdf/wi-milwaukee-pit-bull-ordinance.pdf

If the owner of a Wisconsin dog did not have prior notice of the dog’s previous attack or bites, he shall forfeit not less than $50 nor more than $500 if the dog injures or causes injury to a person, domestic animal, property, deer, game birds or the nests or eggs of game birds. Wisconsin Dog Attacks & Dog Bites have, unfortunately, given rise to fatalities. There were 42 dog bite-related fatalities in 2014.

However, if the dog owner had prior notice that their dog previously attacked and or caused injury to a person, domestic animal and or property, the owner shall forfeit not less than $200 nor more than $1,000 if the dog injures or causes injury.

Most Likely Victims of Wisconsin Dog Attacks & Dog Bites

  • Children
  • Elderly
  • Postal Mail Carriers


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