Uninsured Hit and Run Accidents

Uninsured hit and run accidents occur when drivers have no insurance, no valid driver’s license, are driving a stolen vehicle and therefore not permitted to drive and, may be operating vehicle while intoxicated or high. In a few cases, drivers flee the scene of the accident because they just don’t give a damn!

Uninsured drivers hit and run accidents sometimes the result of not having the mandatory insurance required by the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin now requires every vehicle to be covered by a policy of liability insurance. The following are the minimum requirements:

• $25,000 for injury or death of one person;

• $50,000 for injury or death of two or more people; and

• $10,000 for property damage.

Drunk driving is another reason uninsured hit and run accidents occur in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

When drivers drink and drive, the results can be deadly. Drinking and driving results in countless loss of lives, property damage and social and economic disruptions involving multiple families and communities.

Driving drunk means you will be unable to observe traffic laws because you are impaired. You will flee the scene of the accident due to that impairment. You won’t call police as required. The gravely injured may not be attended to in time because nobody called 911.

Driving a stolen vehicle is one of the reasons uninsured hit and run accidents occur all over Wisconsin.

Driving a stolen car means you won’t stop out of fear of being arrested. You fear going to jail. The stolen vehicle’s insurance company may refuse to cover the loss since the owner of stolen vehicle never permitted use of their vehicle. Whether the loss is limited to property damage or involves both property damage and bodily injuries, both stealing and driving a stolen vehicle are wrong.

Hit and run accidents result in social and economic issues for all. The driver goes to jail or prison and incurs huge fines. The injured victims, incur medical bills, lose time from school and or work and sustain needless pain, suffering, disability, loss of society and companionship and both temporary and permanent injuries and losses.

Uninsured hit and run accidents cause owners of parked vehicles they hit, lots of financial headaches.

The owner of a parked vehicle purchased new a year ago but financed at a very high-interest rate, gets its owner really messed up financially. Vivian paid $35,000.00 for her Toyota SUV. Because of credit issues, her note is $400.00 a month. Vivian owes $29,000.00. Her vehicle is worth $14,000.00. The damage requires $13,000.00 to restore her vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Vivian’s insurance company doesn’t want to pay for repairs because of the risk the vehicle will pose as most vehicle do, following a big collision. Hence, they decide to write it off as junk. Vivian has a $500.00 deductible so her insurance will only pay the value of $14,000.00 less the $500.00 deductible or $13,500.00.

The insurance check goes to her bank or credit union because she owns the vehicle with the bank or credit union. Had she paid off the loan, the check would be issued to her.


 <strong>Uninsured Hit and Run Accidents</strong>

Uninsured Hit and Run Accidents Cause Untold Pain and Suffering

Hit and Run Accidents can result in a  lot of grief and heartache for the injured as well as those who cause the accidents, injuries, losses and damages.

Every automobile owner must make sure that the purchase decisions they make will not cause them issues at a later date.

Ask yourself what would happen if your vehicle were to suddenly be involved in an accident and what it means. What would a replacement vehicle cost you if your loan were to be still outstanding?

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