Tractor Trailer Accident Personal Injury Lawyers

Tractor Trailer Accident Personal Injury Lawyers in Wisconsin represent victims of tractor trailer accidents.

There are several things to look out for, in order to avoid accidents and save lives:

Blind Spot – Trucks have blind spots prohibiting the driver from seeing you. Make sure that you see the driver’s head in his side view mirrors. Only those behind him are able to see him. When confronted with an emergency situation he will react and won’t be able to see you or if he does, may decide you are the lesser of two evils. Instinctively, drivers first try to save themselves before saving others.

Never drive along with him on either side of his truck. Follow him, go ahead or pass him. If one of his front tires were to suddenly lose pressure, the vehicle will lose its height. When that happens, it will genuflect which causes the driver to lose control.

Lane Safety – When turning, make sure that you never cross the stop line at a junction or stop light.  Because tractor-trailers need space to make right turns, your presence obstructs the tractor trailer’s ability to safely manoeuvre and make a right turn. Recognize and respect the operational limitations of tractor trailers.

Left Turns – When making left turns at a three or four lane junction where they are 2 or 3 designated left turn lanes, the tractor-trailer must be in the right outer lane because he is better able to control traffic and drive defensively. Because he is in the right lane, he is able to see other left turning vehicles because they are not in his blind spot. If he is in the middle or third lane making a left turn, that is wrong because the driver behind him or to his right will collide because the tractor-trailer first drives like he is going to pass his turn before making the turn. He does this to avoid, collision with vehicles to his left. Also, he has to maintain being in his lane.

Sometimes, Tractor Trailers are referred to as 18 Wheelers. Whatever the case, these vehicles require their drivers as well as other highway users to be cautious.

Tractor Trailer Accident Personal Injury Lawyers with Competence, Compassion and Concern for each client because, all clients matter. To avoid tractor trailer accidents and injuries, every driver must recognize the reality caused by the following:

  1.  right turn squeeze”. Tractor trailers cannot turn on a short radius. To make a sharp right turn at an intersection, they must “swing wide”. Don’t be squeezed.
  2. Wind and Tractor Trailers – Wind does not affect loaded trailers as much as those that have no load.

Always Remember The Following:

  •       Never stop on the highway or shoulder
  •       Tractor trailer driver needs lots of distance to safely stop
  •       Never drive between tractor trailers
  •       Never tailgate
  •       Accidents involving tractor-trailers usually result in catastrophic injuries and disabilities

Tractor Trailer Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers represent injured clients and their families all over Wisconsin.

If you or a loved one was injured as a result of negligence please call right away The Milwaukee Accident & Personal Injuries Law Firm of Emmanuel L. Muwonge & Associates, LLC., at (414) 933-4144 for your Free No Obligation Telephone Consultation.

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