Responsibility For Injuries And Death Caused By Wisconsin Tire Blowout Accidents

Wisconsin Tire Blowout Accidents Causing Catastrophic Injuries and Death

Responsibility for Injuries And Death Caused By Wisconsin Tire Blowout Accidents may be shared by a number of parties. Causes usually include Negligent design of highway, Negligent Maintenance of the Tire or Roadway, Tire Detreading, Excessive Speed, Tire Aging and Defective Manufacture of Tires.

Types of Causes For Wisconsin Tire Blowout Accidents Causing Catastrophic Injuries and Death

  1. Road Design Flaws – Whoever designed the roadway did not design it for safe driving
  2. Negligent Maintenance of Tire – The driver failed to maintain his or her tires as required
  3. Failure To Maintain Roadway – The responsible entity failed to maintain the roadway in a safe condition for driving
  4. Excessive Speed – The driver was traveling at an excessive rate of speed
  5. Defective Manufacture – Tire manufacturer made a defective tire

Unlike most products, tires have no expiration date. It is recommended vehicle tires be 6 years or less. Since 2000, the US Dept. of Transportation (DOT) requires manufacturers to place serial numbers on tires to identify tire age. The week and year of manufacture are designated by the last four digits of a serial number. The first two numbers designate the week while the last two numbers show the year of manufacture. A serial number ending in 5111 means the tire was made in the 51st week of 2011. Inspect tires by reviewing the tire serial number to avoid Tire Blowout Accidents.

It is suicidal to assume a newer looking tire means the tire is safe or, the mileage on the tire is low. Not at all. A brand new tire may be very old for purposes of safe driving. Tires do degrade even when on the shelf. The hotter the climate, the faster the degradation. Mileage and age of tire alone do not mean a tire is safe for safe driving. Avoid Tire Blowout Accidents by inspecting all of your tires and correctly reading and acting upon the information on the side of each tire.

Who Shares Responsibility For Injuries And Death Caused By Wisconsin Tire Blowout Accidents?

Who is liable for Wisconsin Tire Blowout Accidents and accompanying injuries and or death depends upon the facts of each case. When, what and by whom are questions you must ask to establish who, if anyone, is liable for the Tire Blowout Accident and Injuries.

In Wisconsin, every driver has a duty of care towards other motorists, pedestrians and those in his or her vehicle. Each driver must exercise caution, obey the rules of the road and maintain their vehicle in a safe manner. Likewise, manufacturers of tires and those who design and maintain roadways must exercise care in order to preserve the health and safety of those traveling on Wisconsin roadways and highways.

Causes of Wisconsin Tire Blowout Accidents 

Driving on tires older than 6 years can be very dangerous. Tires in warm climates tend to age and deteriorate faster. When the change in tire pressure is rapid, the management and control of the vehicle becomes more difficult. The condition of roadways sometimes contributes to tire blowout. Traveling at a high rate of speed usually makes control of your vehicle very difficult. When management of your vehicle becomes difficult, that may cause your vehicle to spin around. Spinning around usually causes collisions with other vehicles. Most rollovers are preceded by spinning around and around.

  • How To Avoid Tire Blowout Accidents, Personal Injuries and Death
  • Maintain proper tire pressureAlways comply with vehicle load limits
  • Always comply with vehicle load limitsInspect your tires to ensure no cuts or slashes
  • Inspect your tires to ensure no cuts or slashes
  • Check your tire tread making sure
  • Ensure your tire valves have valve caps
  • Avoid road and highway hazards and dangers
  • Routinely inspect and maintain vehicle

Operate your vehicle in a prudent manner obey the Rules of The Road and be courteous and considerate of the other drivers and motorists on the roadways and highways. Know how to take care of your vehicle tires.   

Register your tires with the manufacturer so that in the event of a recall, the manufacturer is able to notify you thereby avoiding the risks of injury and death to you, your loved ones and the general public.

There are 11,000 Tire related crashes annually in the United States and close to 200 people die every year from Tire related automobile accidents and Tire Blowouts.

You can also test your tread with a Lincoln penny. Simply turn the penny so Lincoln’s head is pointing down and insert it into the tread. If the tread doesn’t cover Lincoln’s head, it’s time to replace your tires.

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