Product Liability

Product Liability

Q: What is Product Liability?

A: Product liability is an area of the law dealing with injuries or harm suffered as a result of a defective product. When you are injured by a defective product, you may file a product liability lawsuit to recover money damages from the manufacturer, designer, distributor or seller of the offending product.

Q: How does Wisconsin Law protect consumers of defective products?

A: Product Liability law has undergone substantial change. Changes to Wisconsin Statute §895 adopt a new test to determine defectiveness. The injured victim is now required to comply with more stringent requirements in order to recover for an injury or death caused by a defective product.

Q: Who do I sue for compensation?

A: If you have a valid and viable product liability case, you may file suit against the manufacturer and designer of the product requesting you be compensated for your injuries and associated losses and damages due to a product they manufactured, is unsafe and caused you to get sick or be injured or caused death of a loved one.

Q: How do I preserve my products liability claim?

A: Product Liability injury claim viability depends on your being seen and examined by physicians for your injuries. You also need to preserve and protect the product that caused your injury. An official report documenting the accident and how it may have occurred. Always involve professionals by engaging those knowledgeable about the product and your injuries.

Q: How much time do I have to file a claim?

A: Product Liability regulations in Wisconsin have seen significant changes regarding products liability claims. The changes to the law not only established new criteria for a strict product liability claim, the new law also created new defenses and a 15 year statute of repose, which do not apply to lawsuits or claims premised upon Negligence and Breach of Warranty. Wis. Stat. 895.047(5) provides that products liability claims are limited to products manufactured within 15 years before a claim accrues.

This may not necessarily prevent you from presenting or filing a negligence claim. When injured by a defective product in Wisconsin, you must contact an experienced personal injury and product liability lawyer to protect your interests.

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