Personal Injury Settlement Statements

Personal Injury Settlement Statements show a breakdown of the cash disbursements from the Personal Injury Settlement or Jury Verdict. Money owed and paid to you by whoever may have wronged and their insurance company for the harm, injury, losses and damages you and or your loved one sustained as a result of their negligence.

Personal Injury Settlement Statements styles vary from lawyer to lawyer. The clearer and more detailed it is, the better for the client and everyone involved. (See, Personal Injury Settlement Statements of Ms. Gotsy Cash Lenjured  at the Bottom)

How much a case was settled for or, the amount of a Jury Verdict is the first item of a Settlement Statement. All disbursements for attorney’s fees, costs and disbursements to be reimbursed to the firm for amounts it spent to pay for everything that needed to be paid for in order to prosecute the client’s claim, get deducted from the balance after paying the 1/3 or 33% attorney’s fees pursuant to the Contingency Fee Agreement between the firm and the client. (See,Ms. Gotsy Cash Lenjured Contingency Fee Agreement).

We next pay the Medical Bills and or Chiropractic or Physical Therapy Bills that may not have been paid by client’s health insurance company and or Medicare. (See, Total Amount of Unpaid Professional Fees)When an entity pays bills on behalf of a client, they get a lien on the case requiring they get paid at the conclusion of the case. (See, Allsnake Insurance Company of Texas Bill).This is referred to as Subrogation. In many cases, the subrogated entity will negotiate and accept cents on the dollar thereby increasing the client’s Net Proceeds.

As reflected on the Personal Injury Settlement Statements, once the client’s creditors who incurred charges on her behalf and or those who rendered services but were never paid by the firm and or the client’s health insurance company, the remaining balance belongs to the client and is designated on the Settlement Statement as Client’s Net Proceeds.

Because there are times when, for one reason or another, bills unrelated to the Personal Injury case we were retained for are purportedly incurred but never get disclosed and or discovered before proceeds are disbursed, the responsibility to pay those bills falls squarely on the client. It is always very important to give your lawyer every medical bill you come across following your accident regardless of whether you believe it is not related even though marked as related enabling your lawyer to attend to that matter before it becomes an issue.

Typical Personal Injury Cases We Handle:

  1. Motor Vehicle Accidents
  2. Commercial Truck Accidents
  3. SUV Accidents
  4. School Bus Accidents
  5. Railway and Train Accident & Train Platform Accident Cases
  6. Nursing Home Abuse
  7. Nursing Home Neglect
  8. Milwaukee Police Brutality
  9. Police Use of Excessive Force
  10. Negligence Leading To Wrongful Death in Jail & Wrongful Death in Prison
  11. Drunk Driving Accident Victims
  12. Day Care Neglect & Childcare Accidents
  13. Amusement & Recreational Park Accidents
  14. Wrongful Death From Automobile Accidents
  15. Sexual Assault on Rental or Apartment Premises
  16. Assault & Battery on Rented Premises
  17. Falling Store Merchandize or Falling Objects From Store Shelves
  18. Dog Attacks & Dog Bite Injuries
  19. Grocery Store Accidents
  20. Motorcycle & Bicycle Accidents
  21. Work Related Accidents & Workers Compensation


If you and or a loved one sustained injuries as a result of the negligence and or recklessness of another and has a claim she or he is not represented for, Please Call Us at (414) 933-4144. In some cases, we make home and hospital visits.

If you been hurt by another through no fault of your’s , Call Us to discuss your matters and concerns at no charge.


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