Milwaukee Commercial Truck Accidents

Milwaukee Commercial Truck Accidents

When you are involved in Milwaukee Commercial Truck Accidents you need to speak and consult with a Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer that understands what to do and is most able to work with you throughout the life of your case.

You need to know what to do and what not to do because if you don’t, you will inevitably and unfortunately compromise the value of your case and also fail to secure the therapy, treatment and remedial action a victim of a truck accident must seek and undertake in order to be restored to their pre Wisconsin truck crash.

There is the tendency to always refer to truck wrecks and truck crashes as accidents. Wisconsin Truck Crashes are the result of preventable road and highway conditions, fixable truck conditions, and truck drivers engaging in unsafe activity while on the road and or highway. If the problems are fixable, it more likely than not is not an accident.

Causes of Commercial Trucking Crashes

Whenever truck wrecks occur, the first question is what caused the crash or, was the collision preventable? Usually, there is plenty of blame to go around and the answer usually involves other motorists, conditions, circumstances and factors that are spread out and not limited to one individual. If you have been involved in a Milwaukee truck collision or Wisconsin commercial trucking wreck, you need to consult with an experienced Wisconsin Commercial Truck Accident or Wisconsin Commercial Truck Collision lawyers because your case and circumstances require that liability for your injuries be determined before pursuing fair and just compensation and justice for your injuries, losses and damages.

Causes of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Commercial Truck Accidents & Collisions

1. Vehicle Maintenance

Two-thirds of truck accidents occur during daylight hours. Whenever the failure for routine vehicle maintenance occurs, the higher the likelihood and increased chances of a highway collision.

2. Drug and Alcohol

The abuse of Drugs and alcohol by truck drivers can lead to devastating and catastrophic and life ending consequences. Don’t drink and drive and don’t ingest and drive. If a driver is not sober, he or she will be unable to effectively and timely react to conditions and circumstances.

3. Vehicle Defects

Mechanical failures and installing and using wrong truck parts can cause truck wrecks and collisions on the expressway.

4. Roadway Defects and Conditions

Faulty design, maintenance, snow, ice and rain can and often do cause truck collisions and accidents. When wrecks and collisions occur, irreparable injuries and life-altering consequences often take place, thereby affecting the entire family and community as a result of the devastating injuries and often, loss of life.

5. Failure to Comply with Wisconsin Rules of the Road

Speeding, failure to maintain proper control, management and lookout often cause road and highway collisions. When wrecks and accidents occur as a result of the failure to comply with the requirements of the law, you need legal representation to right the wrongs that have been caused to you and your family.

6. Inadequate Sleep & Fatigue

Total rest is a requirement for operating dangerous machinery in Wisconsin and the Milwaukee surrounding areas. Being tired and fatigued to the extent that a driver is unable to pay attention to other drivers and the conditions on the roadway can be the cause of irreparable harm and death.

7. Avoidable Distractions

Every driver must pay 100% attention to the road and highways as well as other drivers on the expressways. Lighting a cigarette, reaching for objects not close and safe to reach, texting and driving, dialing and speaking on the phone, reading a map, reading a newspaper or magazine, changing a music CD or looking for a radio station are some of the distractions that result in dangerous conditions giving rise to accidents, collisions and wrecks. Every second not devoted to focusing on driving increases the risk of an accident and collision. Attending to non-driving tasks increases the likelihood of a crash.

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