Do’s Don’ts Motorists Passengers

Do’s Don’ts Motorists Passengers  Before you start driving, exercise care by making sure you perform a mental checklist involving a list of Dos and don’tsit is important that you exercise reasonable care by making certain that perform a mental checklist involving a list of To Dos and don’ts to make sure you, your passengers and other road users, are as safe as is possible.

Do’s Don’ts Motorists Passengers  The following are some of the important Dos and Don’ts:

  1. Wear Driver Appropriate Footwear – Flops, sandals and slippers have the tendency to slip off your feet and interfere with your safe driving.
  2. Fasten Seatbelts – It is illegal to operate a vehicle or travel as a passenger without your seatbelt. Second collision injuries are those injuries which result inside the plaintiff’s vehicle which would not have occurred had the insured been properly wearing his or her seat belt. Be careful. Insurance Claim Adjusters will deduct as much as 15% off any bodily injury claimant’s damages if that claimant did not have his or her seatbelts on at the time of the accident. The State of Wisconsin has crafted a well-defined Seat belt statute which failure to wear a seatbelt is penalised by the imposition of a statutory 15% pursuant to Wisconsin Statute § 347.48(2m)(g).
  3. Adjust Seat, Rear View Mirror, Side Mirrors, Steering Wheel – You need to be comfortable and able to maintain safe control of your vehicle at all times without posing danger to yourself and others.
  4. Make Sure Your Passengers Are Seat belted and Doors Are Locked.
  5. If Toddlers Present, Make Sure They Have Age Appropriate Car Seat or Booster and make sure you read and comply with the instructions on the Car Seat.
  6. Minor Passengers Must Never Play With Door Locks and make sure the doors are secured by activating the child lock on the passenger doors.
  7. Remain In Your Lane – Safely change lanes if you need to do so otherwise remain in your lane.
  8. Speed Limit – Observe the Speed Limit.
  9. Don’t Text & Drive.
  10. Don’t Smoke & Drive – Lighting cigarettes, looking for lighters and accidentally dropping lit cigarettes are all very dangerous and potentially catastrophic.
  11. Don’t Change CD’s or DVDs or Look For Radio Stations While Driving
  12. Don’t Drink & Drive and Make Sure You Are Sober.
  13. Don’t Eat & Drive
  14. Don’t Admit Fault Before Speaking To Your Lawyer
  15. Don’t Lie or Embellish when talking to your lawyer. Be Honest & Truthful At All Times AND,
  16. Don’t Provide Statements To Adjusters Until You Have Talked To Us. Your Names, Telephone Number, Address and Our Number Suffice Until You Retain Someone To Represent You  Competently, Compassionately & In a Concerned Way For Your Case.

Do’s Don’ts Motorists Passengers – The above are some of the most important issues that play significant roles in the accidents and injuries motorists and their passengers sustain on our roadways.

If you were injured, sustained pain, suffering, disability, medical bills, hospitalised, suffered a loss of wages and loss of earning capacity as a result of error or recklessness and or carelessness of another or others, you have a claim against the negligent person causing your injuries.

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