Automobile Crashes In Wisconsin

Automobile Crashes Wisconsin 

Automobile Crashes in Wisconsin can be some of the most tragic for a family. After automobile crash, document everything and everyone present at accident scene Photographs, phone numbers,addresses, License plates, drivers license. Do not let anyone leave the scene without securing their contact information. Take a picture of the vehicle Vin Number because plates sometimes are stolen and don’t belong on that vehicle. This is what a Vin #  looks like:

vin-number-11062016-elm-associates-llc-website  .

It is located on top of your dashboard at the left corner on the driver’s side several inches from the windshield

Vin Number 2 Inches From Edge of Dashboard.

Q: Can you handle a crash or death case occurring outside Wisconsin?

A: Yes. We do so by co-counseling with other personal injury practitioners in the area and or requesting that the court in that State admit us to practice for the limited purpose of that case. This is on a case by case basis. If you have a matter regarding Automobile Crashes In Wisconsin or outside Wisconsin, call for your Free and No Obligation Consultation.

Q: Do I have to pay you any money to handle a crash or death case?

A: No. We ONLY get paid when and if we collect compensation for you and then, only at the conclusion of the Accident and Personal Injury or Wrongful Death case.

Q: Do I have to be injured to be compensated for a crash I was involved in?

A: Yes. You must be injured because the compensation is for the pain, suffering, disability, lost wages, medical bills and any accompanying loss of society and companionship. In order to prove the injury or injuries, you must be treated by a qualified healthcare provider who will document your symptoms, injuries and limitations arising as a result of the accident you were involved in. Presenting an injury claim requires that you prove these losses which require you to retain a lawyer. At the Accident & Personal Injury Law Firm of Emmanuel L. Muwonge & Associates, LLC., that is what we do.

Q: Do I automatically recover money damages from the responsible person for my crash injuries and accidental disabilities?

A: No. There is no automatic recovery of money damages. Your loss must be covered by a policy of insurance. When there is no insurance coverage, you cannot collect unless of course, the person responsible for your accident and injuries has cash and or assets you are able to attach. However, when there is no insurance, it is usually because there is nothing worth insuring. Although true, Wisconsin now requires mandatory insurance for all automobiles in Wisconsin. If the at-fault person is uninsured, your Uninsured Motorist portion of your automobile insurance policy would cover your accident and injuries caused from that accident.

Q: What is the first thing I need to do when involved in an automobile crash?

A: Automobile Crashes In Wisconsin require diligence and being proactive. The first thing is to call 911 to make sure that the accident is officially documented. Make sure that if you are in a position to safely take pictures, you take pictures of the vehicle and scene of the accident documenting any physical markings including where the broken pieces of the vehicles fell, skid marks, positioning of the vehicles, nature and extent of injuries. Take photos of people involved making certain you record any distinct marks on each person. Photo and or record what you believe may have caused the accident and injuries.

Q: What do I do if the other drivers do not want to remain at the scene of Automobile Crashes In Wisconsin?

A: If the other drivers want to leave make sure you safely take pictures of their license plates, driver’s license, pictures of the driver and any occupants of their vehicles. Make sure you secure their telephone numbers and residential address as well.

Q: How can you help me get treated if I have no insurance?

A: If you need assistance locating a treating physician after you have been seen at an area emergency room, there is a list of area physicians and therapists we have worked with in the past who are willing to treat patients and victims of accidents as long as we guarantee that their bills will be paid.

Q: What can I do to preserve my accident claim?

A: You must document important events following your injuries. Those events include in no certain order:

  • when and what triggers your symptoms
  • your limitations
  • how long your symptoms last
  • expenses you incur as a result of your accident and injuries
  • time off work by making sure your immediate supervisor and Human Resource Dept. knows why you are off work
  • how long you will be off work
  • when you may be required to take off for treatment or therapy.

You also must provide us with any and all photographs you or others may have taken immediately following the accident you were involved in and any relevant information you may have.

You must comply with any doctor requirements and scheduling for treatment and therapy. If the emergency room doctor prescribes pain medicine for your symptoms, you must fill the prescription immediately. Your failure to do so may prejudice your claim because, if a doctor schedules you for treatment and therapy, not following up may lead to the inference that you suffered no treatable symptoms and or were otherwise not hurt in the accident you were involved in.

If hurt in an accident, you must call the Accident & Personal Injury Law Firm of Emmanuel L. Muwonge & Associates, LLC., for your Free Consultation. We also may be able to visit you at the hospital if admitted or at your home if unable to come to our office.

Q: What is my Automobile Crashes In Wisconsin case worth?

A: It depends upon several factors. No two cases are the same. There are a number of variables that impact the value of your case. The best value for your case, depends upon the nature and extent of injuries sustained as a result of the negligence of others as well as the opinions expressed by your healthcare providers regarding the nature of those injuries:

  1. whether they are temporary or permanent
  2. how long it will take to heal
    how long a disability period you will experience
  3. how much loss of work you will incur
  4. whether or not you suffered a loss of earning capacity
    your age
  5. whether you are married or single
  6. what role if any you played in causing the accident
    whether you were seat-belted or not; and
  7. whether there are any pre-existing injuries and conditions you already had and unassociated with the accident and injuries for which you retained us to represent your interests.
  8. When involved in an Automobile Crashes In Wisconsin, document everything and everyone present at crashes scene by taking photographs of crash scene, crash vehicles, crashes drivers and passengers, record by writing down using your phone everyone’s phone numbers, residential addresses, next of kin and their contact information just in case we need to locate that person and their telephone is disconnected and moved without a forwarding address.License plates, drivers license

Take pictures of License plates, drivers license numbers of all drivers, Vin Numbers, Witness Names and their contact information and photograph entire scene before it is disturbed. Focus on skid marks, debris, oil spills, tire markings, damage to each vehicle involved, point of collision and point where vehicles finally came to rest.

Email to yourself, all of this information so we are sure you will never lose the information even if your telephone is stolen because you can always access your emails. It also is convenient for you to pass on to us, this information and data once you hire us to represent you regarding your injuries and claim from your Automobile Crashes In Wisconsin case.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an automobile crash in Wisconsin, CALL The Automobile Crashes Law Firm of Emmanuel L. Muwonge & Associates, LLC. at (414) 933-4144.

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