Assaults On Premises

Assaults on premises in Wisconsin occur under various circumstances and conditions. Circumstances depend upon the type or nature of the premises. Commercial premises tend to have more traffic than residential premises.

Under Wisconsin Statute §704.16, a tenant may break a lease and leave the unit if the tenant faces a threat of harm from another person. There are sources of Severe harm. There too are types of assaults that contribute to significant harm.

Assaults On Premises in Wisconsin take many forms depending upon the environment and location. Assaults may come in form of  sexual assaults of a tenant or their visitors. Assaults occur because of conditions. Landlord actions or inaction or actions of third parties cause those conditions. Assaults on Premises in Wisconsin may also take place in the form of assault and battery. Assaults and battery are usually perpetrated as a precursor to robbery when criminals believe there is something of value to steal.

Gunshots can be precipitated by a type of environment which promotes crime. The result is often gunshot wounds, injury, disability and often loss of life.

Assaults on Premises occurring because of negligence, are inspired by such conditions as:

  1. Inadequate Lighting – A dimly lit staircase or parking lot can harbor criminals who wait for the most favorable moment
  2. Inadequate Security – An apartment building located in a zip code with high crime incidents requires more than the average security or efforts. Reinforcement is frequently required if, crime is a everyday issue to deal with. Broken locks and broken lights create and enhance crime.  Unsafe spaces make it easy to perpetrate crime thereby contributing towards a dangerous environment and your injury
  3. Negligent Security –  Available security can become careless thereby enhancing your chances of injury.
  4. Negligent Management – Failing to decently screen tenants can be a cause of resultant assaults on a tenant or their visitors. Unsafe parking lots and buildings are oftentimes the result of careless management. When management fails to act prudently, buildings and parking lots become dangerous and  risky for users of these spaces.
  5. Inadequate Maintenance -Managers and owners of public spaces owe a duty of care. That duty requires adequate maintenance and upkeep of the premises. Failure to sufficiently maintain results in injury to others.

Assaults on Premises Cause Different Types of Injuries & Disabilities. When owners and their managers fail to exercise care, as part of their responsibilities to their patrons, tenants, visitors, and passersby, that failure to act with care usually causes the victims to suffer trauma and some or all of the following and more:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Trauma)
  • Fear, Shame, Humiliation (Sexual assault)
  • Anxiety and Severe Fear (Sexual assault)
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (Trauma affecting the head)
  • Scarring (Knife and bullet wounds)
  • Spinal Cord Injuries (Merchandise falling on top of head)
If you or a loved one is the victim of an assault on premises, call the Accident & Personal Injury Law Firm of Emmanuel L. Muwonge & Associates, LLC at (414)933-4144.

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