Allow Me to Help You

Allow Me to Help You get the most personal injury settlement cash for your injury in the shortest time possible.

Allow me to help you by retaining me to represent you. I will represent you with competence, compassion and concern for you and or a loved one due to an accident that you did not cause. Not all cases are the same even when 2 or more people are in the same accident. What, how and when  you do things and how well you and your lawyer work together as a team, provides a lot of value to your case.

When injured, first thing is to call 911, document accident and all involved and then seek immediate medical treatment.  Follow up as recommended by the emergency room doctors and immediately call Emmanuel L. Muwonge Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer. We are available 24/7. Because you are hurting in pain, confused, panicking, anxious and don’t know what to do or where to turn, Emmanuel L. Muwonge will make the process easier than it usually is.

When injured, you must allow me help you. The personal injury accident process requires working well together with your lawyer. Your lawyer must understand what you the injured victim, is going through in order to appreciate the full extent of the value of your case. Your injury is a wrong committed against you or a loved one. Righting that wrong requires you to allow me help you do certain things like the following:

  1. you must seek immediate medical treatment if you haven’t already. Your claim is worthless without medical treatment. Medical treatment is necessary whenever there is pain and suffering. No treatment means no pain and suffering. No pain and suffering means no cash. If you were hurt, you would have gone straight to the doctor. The ONLY exception are Wrongful Death Claims. In those cases, how long a person was in agony forms part of the pain and suffering claim.
  2. Comply with what the emergency room doctors tell you. If you have limitations, don’t start playing basketball, hauling large loads while complaining about back pain because disregarding doctor instructions means your pain is not an issue.
  3. If you have no doctor to follow up with, we will help you find a doctor in your area who is willing to treat you with no cash upfront.
  4. Make sure you are truthful and always tell your lawyer everything there is to tell about this accident and any other accidents or injuries before this one. If you have a prior injury, it may affect the value of your case. The earlier your lawyer knows, the better.
  5. If placed off work, make sure your boss knows you are off due to the accident, when the accident occurred and get your doctor to give you a slip to give to your employer. If you don’t do this, you won’t get compensated for the wages lost because your employer will have no record of it.
  6. Keep all prescription receipts. Fill your prescriptions right away. If you don’t, insurance company interprets that to mean you are not in pain. If you had been in pain, that is the first thing you would have done.
  7. Don’t discuss your accident, injuries, case or claim with anyone other than your lawyer. You should tell your doctor how the accident happened and what happened to your body on impact and symptoms since then and nothing more.
  8. Do not answer questions or provide recorded statement to anyone unless your lawyer is present
  9. Keep a diary of how you feel, what you feel and what triggers it and how long it lasts. Log your mileage to the doctor and how much time it takes to and from the doctor including time you spend at the doctors.
  10. Once you do everything you are asked to do, leave the rest to us the lawyers, relax and rest assured your interests are protected.

Allow me to help you get the most cash for your accident injuries in the shortest possible time because I know that lives get disrupted, clients fall behind on their rents, car notes, mortgages, utility bills and other routine payments and obligations when accidents intrude on their lives.

When you Allow Me To Help You, you will get a lawyer who not only wants your case but also cares about you as a person, your family’s wellbeing and, what happens to you beyond the accident case.

At Emmanuel L. Muwonge & Associates, LLC., we care about how you feel, what you may be going through and why. We will save you the anxiety of not knowing what next, how to overcome, who to trust and who to entrust your issues so you concentrate on getting well and faster. Worry no more. You are at home with Emmanuel L. Muwonge & Associates, LLC. Let Us Work Together Because, “When We Work Together, Stay Together, Support Each Other, We Win Together.

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident, Call the Milwaukee Accident & Personal Injuries Law Firm of Emmanuel L. Muwonge & Associates, LLC., at (414) 933-4144 for your Free No Obligation Telephone Consultation.

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